Providing Quality And Accessible Eye Care
Services To Our Customers


It is important to maintain good health, and ophthalmologists strongly recommend eye health examinations annually. Here at Optique Zone, we aim to provide a range of accessible quality primary eye care services to our customers – catering to the different needs of each individual’s visual and lifestyle needs. To ensure convenience and efficiency for you, do make an appointment with our Optometrists at your preferred store before dropping by.

Consultation charges may apply. Our team of eye care providers offers the following services:

1. General And Comprehensive Visual Acuity And Eye Examination

Here at Optique Zone, we are fully equipped for general and comprehensive eye examinations. We will diagnose and consult you based on the results, and refer you elsewhere if necessary. A series of eye examinations that can be performed in our stores are:

  • Retinal Photography
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (only available in Queensway)
  • Intra-ocular Pressure
  • Correction for distance vision – hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism
  • Correction for near vision – presbyopia (老花眼)
  • Anterior eye health examination

2. Prescription Of Spectacles / Sunglasses

We use only high quality ophthalmic lenses characterized by anti-reflection, UV protection, scratch resistant multicoat. We also offer prescriptive correction for your favourite pair of sunglasses, with the additional option of polarized or mirror lenses.

Upon a proper diagnosis, if necessary, we will

  • Ensure perfect fitting of frames
  • Customization of lens acuity, brand, with its other add-ons. (Hi-indexes, Nano blue coat, Transition, Progressive.)
  • Advise you on how to care for your new frame and lens.

3. Prescription Of Contact Lenses

With a professional team of Optometrists, we provide both clear and cosmetic disposable contact lens fitting services in our stores, with major contact lens brands such as Alcon (Air Optix, Freshlook), Bausch & Lomb (Soflens), Cooper Vision (Proclear, Biomedics), Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue) and etc. In addition, the fitting for both hard lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable) and soft conventional lenses are also available.

4. Repair/Servicing Of Spectacles/Sunglasses

Most minor repair and servicing of glasses are complimentary for existing customers, while glasses purchased from else where and more drastic repairs may be subjected to charges.