Our Brand Story Since 1987

Our Vision And Mission

At Optique Zone, we envision to be exemplars of the optometry field through values of professionalism, community solidarity, and innovation. We are committed to provide top-notch optometry services and be the leading advocate of eye health and protection.

How We Started

Optique Zone is a dual-chained optical boutique located at Queensway and Bishan. Founded in 1987, we are humbled by 3 decades of success, which we attribute to our professionalism as optometry healthcare providers, our values of community solidarity in service, and an innovation-driven spirit to stay constantly ahead.

Vision is so elemental from the moment we wake, thus called ‘the gift of sight’. In optometry we strive to restore this gift to those who fall short (or long). At Optique Zone, we pride ourselves as healthcare providers first and foremost.

Experienced Team Of Optometrists

With an experienced mentor, we are a highly qualified and certified team of optometrists. With a fully equipped testing room, we provide comprehensive eye diagnostic evaluations, followed by consultation, prescription & customization of your frame and/or lens. We exemplify professionalism through our scholarship, and then service. Learn more about our services here.

Serving the community’s every need and want require a well-sized inventory. We feature a wide array of eyewear brands, each with trending designs to match your liking. See the full list here.

Driven By Innovation

Driven by an innovative disposition, Optique Zone has achieved a few milestones throughout almost 30 years in business. In 1990, we expanded into providing safety eyewear for industrial and lab purposes, further advocating the importance of eye health and protection. These safety frames come in a wide range of different designs. Notably, we are also the sole distributor of Titmus and American Optical safety glasses in Southeast Asia, covering countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Apart from product development, we have also created a website over the recent years to embrace the digital age. We hope this effort brings convenience to consumers, and promote effective communication on our new arrivals.